Fretted Americana Teams Up
With Ganzler Incorporated

Fretted Americana, Inc. is proud to announce our exclusive association with internationally respected vintage electric guitar authority and authenticator, Joe Ganzler of Ganzler Incorporated.

Joe will carefully inspect and certify selected guitars Fretted Americana offers, thereby providing prospective buyers with full peace of mind and security when considering purchasing any instrument from our blue-chip inventory of rarities. This is a “value-added” feature offered by no other dealer.

At no extra cost to the buyer, a letter of inspection and authenticity from Joe will accompany the instrument, assuring its collectable dependability. At a time of economic uncertainty and a hot collectables market that is increasingly becoming infected with instruments that are untrustworthy, elite collectors  turn to Joe to protect their interests. With prices for vintage guitars now representing a very serious investment, it is money – often great sums - well spent by Joe’s private clients.

David Brass, president and founder of Fretted Americana, has been leading the charge to raise standards in the business to the highest level possible. He was the first to provide multiple, detailed images of rare guitars from the inside out and descriptions that provide a degree of detail that leaves few if any questions about the guitars we offer . Everything headstock to tailpiece, all the electronics, serial number, the major and the minor is included.

For details call:

David Brass: 818 222-4113; 818 645-5220 (cell).
Joe Ganzler: (949) 370.4857 (cell).