Joe Ganzler has a varied background which has provided him with a "deep toolbox" from which to draw.

Joe was born in NJ in 1956. His father was a concert violinist who personified the concept of "perfect pitch" - eschewing sheet music, but rather trusting his own ears for determining and perfectly miming virtually any piece of music. While Joe is not blessed with this same gift, he did learn to appreciate the finer nuances of virtually all types of music while growing up, and took formal guitar lessons during 1965 and 1966.

Both his parents were involved in antique furniture acquisition, refinishing, and resale, giving Joe an early knowledge base and exposure to many different types of wood, veneers and finishing methods. This was tempered with his own deep interest in all things mechanical - cars, bicycles, motor scooters/cycles, and airplanes.

Joe has applied his lifelong untiring pursuit of research and fine eye for detail to a wide variety of hobbies and interests, including vintage cars, motorcycles, watches and guitars. He has restored/rebuilt 23 vehicles from the ground up, including several award-winning "magazine vehicles".

This background has particularly suited his 14 year involvement in the world of vintage guitars - he has traveled extensively to study as many examples of the 1958-1960 Gibson Les Paul Sunburst guitar as possible. Owing a considerable debt to mentors "Uncle" Lou Gatanas and Terry Mueller - both renowned vintage guitar experts, Joe was extremely fortunate to have spent a great deal of time as an understudy of these two keen-eyed scholars. These men have a huge knowledge base in the construction techniques and parts used on all vintage guitars, as well as a wealth of guitar "history" regarding many individual examples - information that they freely shared with Joe in his own particular marques of interest - 1957 through 1960 Gibson Les Pauls, 1958 through 1960 Gibson ES-335's, and 1950-1971 Fender Stratocasters. All this, coupled with Joe's unique approach to examination, authentication, and candor, have rewarded him with a stellar reputation as one of the very few "go-to guys" for the absolute truth vis a vis a vintage guitar purchase in today's often-murky waters.